My first post on OTM, last September was a fun game of "Over-Under". It was a way to sit back, relax and enjoy the end of the Twins first losing season since 2001. There were things like

-Over/Under 8 times Dick Bremer says “Nick Punto has had a tough year"

-'Over/Under 8 times' Dick or Bert mention some sort of streak, and it is subsequently broken on the next pitch.

So now, we have a brand new season, and 162 chances to Guess whether Dick and Bert will go over or under. Now don't get me wrong, I think we are blessed to have Dick and Bert broadcasting our games, especially when we turn on the Radio and hear Dan Gladden mumbling. These guys give great excitement and energy, and I love listening to them, but sometimes they just mention the same things over and over. Give me some predictions here, and we'll just have to watch and see. Rule: They don't have to talk a whole game about it, just mention it in the broadcast. I hope to update this, but right now most numbers will be about 50% or 80 games.

Hitting/Position Player Category:

-Over/Under 80 Games of Dick or Bert (D/B) mentioning Delmon Young's troubled Past

-Over/Under 80 Games of D/B talking about Mauer switching positions or growing an inch last off-season

-Over/Under 80 Games of D/B discussing Justin Morneau and how the HR Derby Changed his swing last year

-Over/Under 80 Games of D/B pointing out how gritty of a player Nick Punto is, and that because he tries (even thought he is awful), his teammates respect that

-Over/Under 100 Games they mention how great the OF's arms are

-Over/Under 100 Games they mention Nick Punto should win a Gold Glove (lets hope its under)

-Over/Under 162 Games, we hear about how Torii Hunter was sooo good at a certain aspect of the game

Pitching Category

-Over/Under 100 Games we hear about Francisco Liriano's Tommy John Surgery, and what the operation is

-Over/Under 40 Games (assuming Boof gets about 30 starts) they talk about Boof's weight loss and nutrition

-Over/Under 25 times they mention Pat Neshek is a vegan

-Over/Under 12 Times during the All-Star voting that Pat Neshek was almost the "26th-Man"

-Over/Under 150 games that we hear about how good Johan Santana was at locating the change-up (or fastball, or just being great).


-Over/Under 120 Times we hear about the New Stadium and Building for 2010.

-Over/Under 100 Times we hear them mention how great of a manager Gardy is.

Ok...have some fun, post some numbers. Let's Play Ball!

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