Article:"Check This Out"

     A Tiger Wood Tragedy

I souly believe that Tiger Wood was targeted for defameing. He was too good on the golf course winning a lotta games. One of an age old tricks is to find a man's human weakness, sex, put it in his way lushily , and a temptous woman and how can he resist being on the road a lot away from his wife. This has been done so many times. The weakness of man is long standing. Away so much from home can be a contributor if not careful. l;./ Woman gave birth to man. Woman know how to push his button. Yes, man has to be strong and resist temptation. Woman is going to forever chase a man when they desire to "land a successful man especially.." ..a bait to be snagged. I believe that Tiger became a target and was winning too many games. He had to be stopped and what ia man's greatest weakness? How vurnable is man? The woman knows. In addition to knowing man's weakness and when such a man is successful, knowing that he perhaps is more vunerable being away from home a lot, I believe that this happening to Tiger Wood did not just happen. Tiger was also to blame and dumb to allow his weakness to go awry.  He fell for the oldest trick that has been the downfall of man since Adam and Eve when Adam was tempted in the garden of Eden.

L. Martin

Edina, Minnesota