Okay so the Brett Favre thing has been going on since the begging of time. However, the Packers and their team president Mark Murphy may have put the most interesting offer yet to the ageing gunslinger. Murphy traveled to Mississippi yesterday and offered Brett $20 million not to play next season or hold a clipboard. $20 million to sit at home and never play again. That's right $20 million over 10 years to sit at home. Damn that's a sweet deal.

I'm not going to lie, while this idea is boarder line crazy. I have to say it's a good idea and more importantly it may be the best way out. Obviously the Packers don't want Brett on their roster, and they only want to trade him to a place where they won't have to see him. This has become the most annoying contract showdown in history. Plus they are offering him $20 million to just hang out. I say take the money and run, he won't make that money under contract anywhere next season.

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