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I figured that with this being a big weekend, I would split the AWIR into two segments. This edition will focus on the first – and most important, IMO – day of the 2006 NFL Draft. What you have been accustomed to seeing in the AWIR will appear tomorrow if not this evening.

On we go...

Big Blue add depth to D

It's been an offseason of comings and goings for the New York Giants, but things are looking upwards on the defensive side of the ball. With their first pick, the G-Men took former Boston College defensive end Mathias Kiwanuka. He figures to be the logical successor to Michael Strahan even though he isn't as aggressive as the former. [1]

Then in the second round, the Giants traded down and made a pick on offense with the pick of University of Miami wideout Sinorice Moss (pronounced si-NOR-iss). His speed will make up for his size (he stands only 5' 8" and weighing 184 lbs) and lack of blocking ability [2].

Third round pick: Gerris WilkersonGeorgia Tech. Never heard of him....

NFL Draft Odds and Sods

  • The Houston Texans passing on both Reggie Bush and Vince Young should deserve its own episode of ESPN Classic's Top 5 Reasons You Can't Blame... I can see it now: Top 5 Reasons You Can't Blame The Houston Texans for Drafting Mario Williams over Vince Young and Reggie Bush.
  • Speaking of Bush, he and fellow USC Trojan Matt Leinart were both dropping on the board by waiting a year to declare, but expect their stars to wax with their new teams. Mike and the Mad Dog said Leinart would be picked by a warm weather team (i.e. a team that plays in a normally warm climate). Hopefully, they'll be right with the Arizona Cardinals. Personally, I had a suspicion that the San Diego Chargers would take him as a potential backup to Phillip Rivers.
  • New York Jets fans are a hearty lot. In the past, the higher ups have made decisions with the mindset of "If it ain't broke, fix it" and vice versa, much to their chagrin. However, the new Gang Green brain trust made the right decision of fixing up the offensive line by picking Virginia offensive lineman D'Brickashaw Ferguson. Nick Mangold from THE Ohio State University looks to improve the offense some more.
  • Whither Marcus Vick?

That's all for part one of the Armchair Weekend in Review. Part two later today if not tomorrow.


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