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I had LJ on my Fantasy squad this past season and I can't say enough about the guy. He started for the Chiefs from week 9 on and the absolutely torrid pace in which he scored and gained yards for the last 9 games was unprecedented I thought. He racked up 1351 yds and 16 TDs during that time frame and if one were to extrapolate that to a full 16-week season, it comes out to 2400 yds and 28 TDs. Unfreakinbelievable. Needless to say, I rode him to my Fantasy Super Bowl.

Am I talking out of my ass? Are these ridiculous numbers or do you guys think that Larry Johnson is capable of these stats? Or is he never gonna touch last year's numbers again because teams will adjust to him? Reason I'd like to get thoughts is because I want to draft him #1 if I can.

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Fri 03/24/06, 9:55 am EST

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