by user Patrickburke1980

Finish your fantasy baseball's time for baseball to begin! Baseball is really the only sport I follow religiously. I am uber-excited this year as my team, the Mets, are more exciting than they've been since 2000. I even bought a 6-game pack to Shea Stadium...

That's besides the point. I'm picking the Chicago White Sox to win it all over again. Their pitching was dominant in 2005. They added Javier Vazquez. They traded Aaron Rowand, a key member in their World Series run, but received an in-shape and highly movitated Jim Thome in return (whom I think will hit 40+ home runs this year). Bottom line, they have an excellent rotation, blossoming closer, a solid lineup with two big time sluggers (Thome and Konerko)...but most importantly they now have the playoff experience. Anyone beg to differ?


Thu 03/23/06, 9:50 am EST

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