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record the 2006 NBA Playoffs as it happens

We're fans; we go to games, we score games, we have opinion on games. We read the news habitually and obsess over every detail. We read hundreds of blog posts and listen to talk radio.

The next step: Let's write history ourselves.

Below, the community can create a comprehensive account of each and every game for the NBA Playoffs. Anyone who attends the game, watches on it TV, or hears it on the radio can report on what happened, their opinions of what happened, in game strategy, etc. You can go into depth on part of the game the fan found interesting.

We can find recaps anywhere, but an analysis of hundreds of fans, all in one place.

They say it can't happen. Let's prove them wrong. Click on the appropriate game by game recap link below and begin recording history.

Eastern Conference First Round

(1) Detroit Pistons 2-0 (8) Milwaukee Bucks Game by Game Recap
(4) Cleveland Cavaliers 1-1 (5) Washington Wizards Game by Game Recap
(2) Miami Heat 2-0 (7) Chicago Bulls Game by Game Recap
(3) New Jersey Nets 1-1 (10) Indiana Pacers Game by Game Recap

Western Conference First Round

(1) San Antonio Spurs 2-0 (8) Sacramento Kings Game by Game Recap
(4) Dallas Mavericks 2-0 (5) Memphis Grizzlies Game by Game Recap
(2) Phoenix Suns 1-1 (7) Los Angeles Lakers Game by Game Recap
(3) Denver Nuggets 0-2 (10) Los Angeles Clippers Game by Game Recap

NBA Finals Predictions

  • by user BMetts: Miami Heat v. San Antonio Spurs. The television execs get to breathe a sigh of relief that there will be no Pistons-Spurs rematch, and Miami is breathless when the Spurs fail to win their third title in four years. The Heat live the dream they imagined when Shaq first stepped foot on South Beach, and Alonzo Mourning gets that elusive ring. Rumors of Larry Brown taking over Pat Riley's spot are just that: rumors. Prediction: Heat, 4-2. Click here for full article.
  • by user David J. Cohen: Pistons over Mavericks. Click here for full Eastern Conference Preview and here for full Western Conference Preview.