By user Bobo

Scottish football in the last four years has been dominated by Gretna F.C.. The team from Dumfries and Galloway, managed by Rowan Alexander, have only one thing on their mind having been severely bankrolled by Brooks Mileson, a keen football supporter and multi-millionaire. Promotion after promotion.

However, with the season only one game away from completion, let's start higher up the league structure to understand what's going on.

Celtic continue their dominance of the Scottish Premier Division, having won all but two of their games this season, and are joined at the top by Heart of Midlothian, who came with a distinct purpose to the season and have applied themselves beautifully. Celtic have won this season's Scottish League Cup, having defeated Dunfermline three to zip.

Brechin City replace Gretna and go back into the Second Division from whence they had previously come, but whether they keep Michael O'Neill as a manager is yet to be seen. Meanwhile, St Mirren are victorious in the First Division, and the third division will go down to the final day.

The third division is headed by Cowdenbeath and Berwick Rangers heading into the final day's play, and for the fourth season in a row, the table is propped up by East Stirling. Maybe the time has come to reconsider which teams are in the third division, this being the case. I can't begin to imagine what the solution to the situation is, however.

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