I managed to catch a glimpse of ESPN’s “Bonds on Bonds” last night. I don’t recommend it at all, unless you feel like laughing at Barry for a few moments. Most of the show consists of Barry acting like a baby and portraying himself as a victimized people’s person. Anyway, I’ve decided to post a few rough quotes from the show and comment on them. (Note: I don’t have a transcript, so the quotes are from memory and may not be exactly word for word, but the intent of the quotes are accurate.)

Quote from Barry: “I don’t have a miniscus there anymore (pointing to his knee). It’s just bone on bone…..I’m 41 going on 42, so that’s what happens.”

www.TheSportsFan.TV Response: Um, actually Barry, most 41 year olds still have their miniscusses. I’d be willing to bet that the deterioration of your knees and leg muscles is more likely a result of the insane amount of steroids you consumed over the last 6 or 7 years. You see, Barry, drugs are bad, especially if you abuse them as much as you allegedly did. Eventually, you were going to have to pay the consequences physically so don’t chalk it up to age so much. It’s your own fault.

Quote from Barry: “I wouldn’t wish this (his current situation) on anyone.”

www.TheSportsFan.TV Response: How about yourself, Barry, because that is what you did. You brought this on yourself, you arrogant, spoiled punk. It was you that ballooned in size and defied physics by turning into the greatest homerun hitter of all time in YOUR LATE THIRTIES. What are we supposed to think? Should we just assume that you are a freak of nature who gets stronger with age? We’re not that stupid Barry. Remember, you’re the dumb jock. Not us. Some of us actually have brains that haven’t been affected by years of drug abuse. Stop playing the victim here. You’re the criminal, and you brought this on yourself.

Quote from anonymous Giants fan: “Of course he (Barry) should be in the Hall of Fame. They tested him. He passed. What else do you want?”

www.TheSportsFan.TV Response: I kind of feel bad for Giants fan. I mean, this is a tough situation. One analyst on the show last night said it best. He stated that Giants fans have to ignore this cloud of steroids solely to explain their own existence. I think that’s dead on. It’s kind of like how Yankee fans don’t really speak often about their billion dollar payroll, because exposure of it kind of nullifies any significant achievements their team makes. As for Giants fans, it’s even worse. They have to ignore the steroid issue, and cling to any thread that saves their hero. It’s like a cult member who gradually begins to realize that their cult leader is a fraud. But they still hang on to any minor truths so as not to void out their entire life’s work. If I was a Giants fan, I wouldn’t know how I’d react so I’ll let these comments slide for now.

Quote from anonymous Giants beat writer: “Hundreds of players took steroids, so why should we care so much about Barry?”

www.TheSportsFan.TV Response: I guess my attitude towards Giants fans can be applied to their beat writers, but to a much lesser degree, as I feel all journalists should always seek the truth. But to answer this guy’s question: It’s because Barry is about to break the most prestigious record in all of sports, you ignorant homer. Why else do you think? As fans, we like to see the great records owned by genuine players who don’t cheat and then lie about it. I know people like me will not consider Bonds the HR king even if he breaks the record, but I still don’t want to have to deal with all of that. I want Barry to be out of the game now. He’s a cheater, and he has no business approaching a genuine star like Henry Aaron.

There were many more ridiculous comments from Bonds and his cohorts, as the show appears to be edited by Bonds’ camp. So if you want a good laugh, tune in to ESPN next Tuesday at 7pm. Otherwise, the show is a disaster.

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