"4" The Love Of The Game

by user Pack Mentality

Brett Favre just isn't ready to walk away from football just yet. That's the only explanation I can think of for his decision to return for the 2006 season.

His eventual place in Canton is already secure. The NFL's all-time "ironman" with 221 consecutive starts, a three-time league MVP with two Super Bowls and a championship ring, and second only to Dan Marino in career completions, passing yards and touchdown passes, Favre really has nothing left to prove.

To come back means putting himself through one more year in the most mentally demanding position in the world's most physically taxing sport, right on the heels of having to deal with a series of recent family troubles and heavy damage to his Mississippi home by Hurricane Katrina, all for a team in rebuilding mode under a new coaching staff and a new offensive system, recovering from a raft of major injuries to key players. As pitifully weak as the NFC North is, Green Bay can still be considered as strong a contender for the division title as any of the other NFC North teams, but I would have thought they'd have had to be a legitimate Super Bowl contender to make it worth Favre's while to return. But Favre or no Favre, the Packers are a longshot for Super Bowl XLI at best.

I'm as big a fan of Brett Favre as anyone else in Packer Nation, but not only would I not have begrudged him one bit had he decided to walk away now, but part of me thought he'd have to be crazy to want to return.

I guess he really is crazy. Crazy in love with the game.


Thu 04/27/06, 5:10 pm EST

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